MY HUFFINGTON POSTS: (Oldest to newest)

2. A Mother’s Fight for her Son (Carrie & Camden Stearns) 10/16/14
4. Nat. Adoption Awareness Month: Hearing Voices of Loss 11/10/14

5. Joan Rivers Explores the Dark Side of Adoption 11/15/14
7. Documenting Adoptee Searches for Self 11/25/14 (Review of Adopted: For the Life of Me by Jean Strauss, You Have His Eyes by Christopher Wilson, and An Adoptee ROARed in  Ohio - the Betsie Norris Story)         
15. Adopted and Curious? 1/20/15

(Review of Hole in My Heart by Lorraine Dusky).

Are Parents Interchangeable and Disposable? 8/26/15 (Creating children without 
connection to all or half of their kin)
51. Fairness in Adoption? 10/26/15

54. The Dark Side of Adoption  11/10/15


64. Stop this Injustice: Save Adam Crapser (Internationally adopted, facing deportation) 

65. Thoughts on Aging 2/25/16
67. Family Preservation 4/5/16


74. A Family and the Future of Adoption in the Hands of Ohio State Supreme Court  9/19/16  (Follow-up on the Carrie Stearns case)


82. Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Secrets (Review of Father Unknown by David Quint) 2/16/17
83. Snow Storm Hoax? 3/15/17

85. You Don't Look Adopted 3/31/17

Published Articles & Op Eds appearing in journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters (Newest to oldest):

1. Gay Adoption: Is This Really the Most Pressing Issue in Adoption Today?  Dissident Voice, May 7, 2018

2. Nikolas Cruz: So Many Red Lights Ignored, Dissident Voice, Feb 25, 2018

3. The Sherri Shepherd Case: One More Reason to Ban Commercial Surrogacy, DissidentVoice, 4/21/2015)

4. All He Wanted for Christmas Was His Name, Adoption Voices (2014)

15. American Babies Exported for Adoption, Dissident Voice (2012)

24. Facing the real issues in international adoption, Russia Behind the Headline, May 21, 2010

25. Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and Baby Selling? OpEd News, December 23, 2010

29. Abandon all Hope...Profit Reigns Supreme, AAC Decree, American Adoption Congress (1997)

30. Great Expectations for Young Mothers, OpEd News, July 5, 2008

31. Michael Moore Blows it on This One! OpEd News, 5/27/08

32. Juno: Fact And Fiction, CounterCurrents, 2/21/108

33. The Juno Mystique: Separating Fact from Fiction, Associated Content, Feb. 15, 2008

34. Interview with Adam Pertman, Adoptive Families Magazine, Nov. In press. 2008

36. States' sealed records discriminate against adoptees, families. USA Today
Feb. 25, 2008, reprinted Adoptee Rights News

37. Adoption and the Role of the Religious RightCounterCurrents, 11/4/07

38. Childless Mother: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, CounterCurrents,  5/3/08

39. When Pro-Life is Anti-Family, CounterCurrents, 2/2/107

40. Pro-Life/Anti-Family, Associated Content, Dec. 31, 2007.

41. Big Business In Babies: Adoption, The Child Commodities Market, CounterCurrents, 5/25/07

42. The Baby Chase Pits Women Against Women: Who "Deserves" to Parent? Associated Content. Dec. 2, 2007.

43. Is Promoting Adoption Healthy and Wise? Associated Content, Aug. 13, 2007.

44. Creating Motherless Children: Wombs for Rent, Associated Content, May 
21, 2007.

45. Adoption: The Child Commodities Market is Big Business, Associated Content, May 1, 2007.

46. Pro-Life/Anti-Family, Associated Content, Dec. 31, 2007.

47. The Baby Chase Pits Women Against Women: Who "deserves" to Parent? Associated Content, Dec. 22.

48. Rickie Solinger Speaks on Adoption (Interview with historian and author). Communicator, IA: 
           Des Moines, Concerned United Birthparents, Spring 2006, cover story 

49. “Dear Bastards: Demand Equality!” Bastard Quarterly, Bastard Nation, Vol. 8, No 1, 

50. Open Adoption: Optimum or OxymoronAdoption Therapist, Dallas, TX: 
Hope Cottage, Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 1995, 13-16. 

51. A Perspective on Family Preservation, AAC Decree, American Adoption Congress, Summer 1995, p.5. 

52. Between the Lines: Seeking True Culpability, Communicator, IA: Des Moines, Concerned United Birthparents, July/Aug 1995, 16-17. 

53. Dealing With DeathAdoption Therapist, Dallas, TX: Hope Cottage, Vol. 6, 
No. 4, Fall 1994, 5-8. 

54. A Last Resort: Adoption should be a solution that suits children, not 
childless couples. Utne 
           Reader, Nov/Dec. 1992. Vol. 4, 53-54. 

55. Adoption not Abortion? Chain of Life, CA: Berkeley. Nov/Dec 1991, Issue # 16, 

56. A Last Resort: Adoption should be a solution that suits children, not 
childless couples. Social 
           Issues Review Series, 1992, Vol. 4. 

57. Adoption: A Women's Issue, Chain of Life, CA: Berkeley, Issue #5, January/February 1990, p 4. 

58. A Last Resort: Adoption should be a solution that suits children, not 
childless couples. 
           Macrocosm USA, 1991, p.147.

59.Class and Discrimination in the Denial of Adoptees Equal Rights in
Adoption: The Case For Open
          Records, A Source Book for Political Action. J. Sweely (Ed.) University Press of America, Inc., Waltham, MA. 1988. In Press. 

60. Jews and AdoptionThe Jewish Press, NY: Brooklyn, Jan. 23-29, 1987. 

61. Coping with the Heartbreak of Losing a Child to Adoption, Jersey Woman, May/June 1987. 

62.  Adoption May Not be the Best OptionSuburban Parent, May 1987. 

63. They Call Us Birth MothersFamily Journal, July 1984. 

64. The Cabbage Patch Phenomenon: More Than Just Kids' Stuff, The Women's Newspaper of Princeton, Feb. 12-13, 1984 

65. Adoption: A Circle of Love, Mothering, Winter, 1983. 

66. The Sealed Record ControversyThe Women's Newspaper of Princeton
May 1983. 

67. The Changing Climate of Foster Care, The Women's Newspaper of Princeton, Aug 1983. 

68. The Midwife as a Working Mother. Mothering, No. 17, Fall 1980, p. 45565. 


1. Review of Birthmark by Lorraine Dusky, Mothers in Action, Origins-USA, Winter. 2008

2. Review of Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief by Evelyn Burns Robinson, Bastard 
Quarterly, Winter. Bastard Nation (1995). Open Adoption: Differing Experiences, review of The Open Adoption Experience by L.R. Melina and S.K. Roszia, Chain of Life, Winter. 2001.

3. Review of What Lisa Knew, by Joyce Johnson. Communicator, IA: Des Moines, Concerned 
United Birthparents, June/July. 1991

Review of Recreating MotherhoodIdeology and Technology in a Patriarchal Society, bynGena Corea. Communicator, IA: Des Moines, Concerned United Birthparents, Nov., 1990. p 3. 

5. Review of 
Birth Bond by Gediman and Brown. Communicator, IA: Des Moines, Concerned United Birthparents, March. 1990.

Review of Lethal Secrets by Annette Baran, Communicator, IA: Des Moines, Concerned United Birthparents, Nov.,1989, p 12. 

Articles in the Concordian (community periodical)

A Winter Wonderland

197. 5/8/18

 Mirah Riben      

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