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THE STORK MARKET has been compared to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and called more accessible than Solinger’s Wake up Little Susie and Pertman’s Adoption Nation (AAC Decree, Winter 2009). 
It is every bit as relevant today as the day it was written.

Reviewers have hailed THE STORK MARKET as an “invaluable,” must read.” “and amazing expose,” with “copious and well-documented research and a clear, engaging writing style “that investigate(s) this shameful trafficking in infants.”

THE STORK MARKET has been recommended for its “impeccable” research, “clear and cogent writing style,” and because it is “ not only exposes the problem but offers common-sense solutions.
                                       Stork Market   
1. Exposé of the corruption in the adoption industry; the fine line between black and gray market adoption; scams, coercion, and exploitation. 2. in-depth report on the domestic and international markets where children are the commodity and prices are based on quality (i.e. color, age, health). 3. examination of myths that put the needs of adults, and those who profit from their desperation, before the needs of children who need homes. 4. extensively researched and documented book that asks if adoption can be fixed—the money aspect removed—or abolished in favor of permanent guardian-ship, or informal adoption sans the issuance of falsified birth certificates.  5. goes further than Riben’s groundbreaking award-winning “shedding light on…The Dark Side of Adoption” (1988). 6. reveals, for the first time in print, Riben’s role in the notorious Joel Steinberg murder case.
To order a brand new SIGNED copy directly, for $15 US, send an email.  


 “This book—a wonderful and well-integrated mix of approaches —part analysis, part case studies from the front lines, part hand-book, part up-to-date law and policy review—is a testament to Riben's powerful and enduring commitment to the rights and needs of vulnerable women and their children.  Riben's book is a clear, bright blueprint for change.”
  Rickie Solinger, historian, and author Wake up Little Susie; Beggars and Choosers
    “Once again, as in Dark Side, Riben has pulled back the covers and exposed the unpleasant truths and problems that need to be addressed in American adoption practices….the conclusions that Riben comes to are inarguable. Most impressive on every count ….well researched and thought out." Annette Baran, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., co-author, The Adoption Triangle 

"I read your book. Congratulations for the clear stand you take and for the excellent description of what is so totally wrong with adoption - and even more with intercountry adoption. Indeed a failed social experiment. I would like to order four more copies." 
Roelie Post, author, Romania - For Export Only - The untold story of the Romanian 'orphans'

"A must read adoption book. The Stork Market by Mirah Riben, is a must read, for anyone touched by adoption. It is an informative, well-documented and fascinating expose of the many abuses - permeating a multi-billion dollar, unregulated adoption industry. Written in a crusading, investigative reporting style, the Stork Market is a courageous book. It will please many in the adoption world but is sure to threaten others - especially those who profit from the lucrative business of adoption. As a pediatric/child psychologist, I have worked in the trenches and treated hundreds of the worst-case casualties, of our closed adoption system; so I can attest to the truth in this important book, and offer first-person witness, to the validity of much that Ms. Riben documents and is concerned about. Surely, a family system based on secrecy, lies, and a denial of human/civil rights cannot ultimately be "in the best interest of the child;" and a passionate caring that the needs of the children be primary, 'not secondary, or even worse, irrelevant to an adult's agenda,' is evident throughout the book....." David Kirschner, PhD., Author, Adoption: Uncharted Waters. 

“Combines the historical and legal perspective with really hard-hitting journalism.” 
Maureen Flatley, political consultant and media advisor specializing in child welfare and adoption

"...dedicated, tenacious reporting, collecting many disparate facts into one unified whole. By recounting the many ways that the big business of adoption has harmed those it has purported to help, The Stork Market  exposes a side of the institution that many would like to ignore." Heather Lowe, Crisis Pregnancy Blog

Reviews on
"This is a useful and important book, well researched and documented, about what is wrong with domestic and international adoption in the USA today. Written in a clear, crisp journalistic style that is easy to read and follow, Stork Market quotes from a wide variety of diverse sources and opinions about the many abuses in our adoption system, and the injustices to all triad members these abuses engender. ... Ms.Riben makes a clear case that commercialism and lack of uniform or stringent regulation of adoption providers is the culprit.... provides a good overview of what is wrong with the adoption industry.... Seeing the child as a product subject to the laws of supply and demand, and adoption as a business rather than a sensitive child welfare issue... The problems of sealed records, secrets and lies, amended birth certificates which state that the adoptive parents gave birth to their adopted child, and the new Safe Haven legal abandonment laws are also addressed, along with some heart-warming anecdotes of helping unwed mothers to keep their babies....I was solidly impressed and enjoying this book ....I hope this book will be widely read and discussed by all interested in adoption reform and serve as a platform to implement needed change...." MaryAnne Cohen, mother, poet, co-founder of Origins: An organization for women who have lost children to adoption. 

"In the rush to anoint icons like Madonna and Angelina Jolie for sainthood following their adoptions of babies from Africa and Asia, no one seems to be stopping to ask how widespread this practice might be or whether it's in the best interest of the children and their birth parents. ...Sadly, this readily identifiable and burgeoning phenomenon is not at all limited to celebrities, but a big business which is depleting the Third World in much the same way those regions have been drained of their natural resources. Fortunately, one intrepid reporter, Mirah Riben, has had the guts to investigate this shameful trafficking in infants, and she is now blowing the cover off the racist racket in The Stork Market: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry.  As a staunch family advocate, the author also takes aim here at the foster parenting system, pointing out that "The same funds used to support foster care could be used to help preserve families and eliminate child removal"....  the bulk of this invaluable book covers the corruption in the adoption industry: the scams, coercion, and exploitation rampant in a market based on supply and demand where prices are based such factors as age and skin color, and the cost of the "merchandise" is set as high as the often desperate consumers are willing to pay.....Highly recommended for anyone touched by adoption in any way, whether considering it, working in the field or if simply interested in child protection and family preservation." Kam Williams, African American LiteratureBook Club, News Blaze,  Dallas Black,  Blacksonville,  Chicken Bones, The Philadelphia Sun,  Urban Spectrum.   (Review also syndicated in: Los Angeles Sentinel pg B-6, 5/3/07, Black Star News pg 17, 4/4/07, Caribbean Life pg 50, 4/11/07, Philadelphia Sunday Sun pg 23, 5/6/07)

"According to the author's research, adoption hasn't progressed much since the orphan trains of the nineteenth century. Anyone can be an "adoption professional," for there are no requirements or standards. Today's baby brokers use the internet to ply their trade, while state agencies push children into unmonitored homes to claim federal subsidies. Celebrity adoptions demonstrate the widespread disregard for the rules. Through comparisons with Australian methods, Riben offers a future for American adoption. Payments of all kinds should be eliminated, she says, and objective counseling provided to expectant mothers. Contact between expectant mothers and prospective adopters should be curtailed, and certification of adoption practitioners made mandatory penalties for human trafficking would further discourage the brokering of babies. Prospective adoptive parents are among the victims of this horrific trade. Vulnerable in the face of infertility, they are presented with an idealized picture that neglects detail. The fact is that adoption is a business; babies are priced on age, race, ethnicity, health and physical ability. Corruption is rampant, and a failed outcome can be devastating, Riben offers guidelines to avoid being victimized and recommends a thorough background check of any adoption agent. The author also addresses the plight of those adult adoptees whose records are sealed, 


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