• "...a must read." The American Adoption Congress 
  • "...challenges the commonly held idea that adoption is a winning solution for 
    everyone...this book is to be recommended as one of the few available which balances the more usual happy-ending adoption stories with a birthparent's reality...it is recommended for those who prefer the truth, even if unpleasant, to unquestioned adoption mythology." RESOLVE Newsletter
  • "Although not an easy book for an adoptive parent to read, this is certainly an important book for anyone striving to understand all sides of the adoption triangle. The good news (for adoptive parents) is that Riben is not slamming adoptive parents...her really big guns are leveled at The System. I recommend that adoptive parents read this book." Gigi Wirtz, Families Adopting Children Everywhere (FACE
  • "A terrific book...it is dynamic! I will be asking my members to...purchase your book...I am constantly rereading sections." Parent Finders, Ontario 

By Ginny on September 6, 2013

“The author[s]… understanding reveals the practice of infant-stranger-non-kinship-adoption, as unethical. A preferred approach to non-kinship-infant-adoption would be keeping families together, or writing a law that infants must be raised within the biological family. Non-kinship-infant adoption does not work. At any one time there are 500 thousand adopted adults actively on-line looking for their biological family, and millions registered on discovery sites.
In place of adoption, laws can be written and budgets assigned to public funds that support women in poverty, single Moms, fund social services, and fund legal counsel. In this manner, the mental health of a community, village, city, county, state, and country will exhibit more stable families, and less crime.”

By karen slagleon September 7, 2014

“I read this book after finding out I was adopted in 1990 when I was 32 years old. It is an excellent exploration into the complexities and tragedies suffered in adoption. I highly recommend.”

By Mary Anne Cohen)on April 21, 1998

“This book should be required reading for anyone who wishes to know the whole truth about adoption. The research is well-done, and the facts are presented in a clear yet passionate journalistic style that illuminates the complex and controversial issues of adoption abuses it explores. Adoption does have a dark side--that for too long has been hidden behind sentimentality, lies, mindless stereotypes, and the travesty of sealed adoption records. I love this book--for the courage of its birthmother author in writing it, and for the honest picture it gives of the less lovely side of one of our last "sacred cows", sealed record adoption.This is an excellent piece of scholarship and investigative journalism that deserves a much wider readership than it has had, both within and outside of the adoption reform movement. I am glad to see it here, and recommend it to all.”

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