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Non-adoption original presentations:

Mitakuye Oyasin: We are all one.

This one appears on Poets on Adoption

first begotten one
firstborn of spirit
firstborn of flesh
child that opened my womb

Only one is called
firstborn of many
brethren in spirit
firstborn of many
in flesh

And others still,
like the child of Arsinoe,
who died while giving birth to
her firstborn child,
are first and only.

Your firstfruits shall be holy,
saith the Lord,
and shall be dedicated unto me
as a special offering

lamb of God
sacrificial lamb
sacrificed in spirit
scarified in flesh

…and God gave his only begotten son
son born of unwed mother
so that others…

…and God spoke to the Jews
and told them
to sacrifice
their firstborns no more

but God also asked
that atonement be made
so she shall be clean.

and netherworld demons
and peddlers of flesh
in the black-gray
underworld marketplace
seek out
and offer false promises
for a coveted 
firstborn child

…and on the 31st day
firstborn sons become
and ritually
The Firstborn.

But sons (like mine)
who follow
in the wake  
of ghostly Firstborns
are forever displaced
as firstborn heirs.

Lamb of God
silent sacrificial lamb
sacrificed in spirit
special offering to God
seeking forgiveness
for the sin of your birth
yet taken by God
as a sacrifice in flesh

July, 1998

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