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Older Presentations:

  • (2010) Defining Ethics in Domestic and Global Adoption Practice, Open Arms, Open Minds: The Ethics of Adoption in the 21st Century
  • (2008) "Speaking of Adoption" with Donna Montalbano, WOON Radio, Oct. 28
  • (2008) "Speaking of Adoption" with Donna Montalbano, WOON Radio, Jan. 8.
  • (2007) The American Perspective: The Student Operated Press, Judyth Piazza, April
  • (2007) The Adoption Show: Voices Ending The Myth. Michelle Edmonds, June 17. 
  • (1989) Joan Rivers. Segment with Grace Anne Smiegel, grandmother of Lisa who
    was killed by Joel Steinberg, Part I,  Part II 
  • (1988) Morton Downey Jr. Show. The Dark Side of Adoption,
  • (1988) Geraldo Rivera Show. “Private Adoption: White Knights or Flesh Peddlers?” Part I, Part II, Part III
  • (1987) Community View. Interview, July. Jackson Cablevision, NJ: Jacksonville.

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